The Best Parks and Museums Located In Olympia WA

Olympia is an evergreen city located to the southern part of Puget Sound, where the glaciers of Mount Rainer can be seen in the background. Olympia is the same place where saltwater meets the Deschutes River. Being the capital of Washington state, Olympia is a compact city with unusual museums, government buildings as well as an attractive waterfront districts. The environs of the great city have the Mima Mounds as well as the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge, which have scenic views that leave you amazed.

Here are ten of the best Tourist Attractions that you can visit in Olympia:

1. Hands on Children's Museum

The impressive Hands on Children's Museum has over seven galleries, with many interactive displays. The Museum encourages kids to play creatively as they learn in the great range of settings. The Museum is unique in that it is made for a number of age groups, which includes parents with infants.

2.Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge

The famous Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge offers protection on the migratory birds that use the region for both habitat and nesting. The wildlife refuge contains grasslands, forest, saltwater and freshwater mashes.
Species available:

  • American bittern
  • Peregrine Falcon
  • Blue Heron

Note: It is recommended that you arrive within three hours of the high tide.

3.The Washington State Capital Building

The Washington State Capital Building is the Legislative building of the Washington state. The building has rises at 287 feet and was built in 1928, at a cost of over 7 Million dollars. The building is the tallest masonry dome in the entire North America.


  • Strolling the grounds
  • A tour of the inside part of the building

Note: Guided public tours are available daily.

4.The Olympia Farmers Market

Would you love to stroll along a Percival Landing boardwalk in an eclectic farmers market? If yes, then the Olympia Farmers Market is the place for you.
Goods Available:

  • Baked Pastries
  • Handcrafted Cheeses
  • Local Berries
  • Oysters and Clams

Note: Market hours may vary depending on the season

5. The Washington State Capital Museum

The Museum is in the Ornate Lord Mansion, with Outreach Centers that have temporal and permanent displays about Native American history as well as the city. The building also hosts some societies, especially those that focus on history and heritage.

6. Mima Mounds

Until today, whatever created the bubble-like and odd mounds in Olympia remains a mystery. The puzzle has some proposed answers that range from glaciation, giant gophers to massive earthquakes.

  • Hiking
  • Walking

Note: The area is most fascinating during spring when the wildflowers bloom on the curvy hills.

7.Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainer National park is famous for its volcano, which lies in a Cascades chain. The park has historic buildings, waterfalls as well as lookouts that are sightseeing.

  • Mountain Climbing and Hiking
  • Scenic drives

8.The Olympic Flight Museum

The Olympic Flight was established in 1998, an aviation Museum that is an attraction to tourists in the Olympia Airport. The place is a wide hangar which shelters some heritage helicopters and planes, not forgetting the memorabilia. The museum is also home to the 'Annual Olympic Air Show', which is held in August, when the heritage planes hit the sky.

9.The WET Science Center

The Water Education and Technology Center focuses on both water and science, with a series of galleries with great exhibits about the earth's essential resources. The center is famous for hosting groups and schools.

10.The Bigelow House Museum

Did you know that the Bigelow House Museum is Olympia's oldest home? The Museum was built in the 1850s. In the structure is an enormous collection of furnishings that offer some insight into the local life during the 18th Century. The furnishings are original and thus of high value, which is why you should not leave Olympia without visiting the site.

The above tourist attractions in Olympia are the reason why you should visit the city as soon as possible. The area has a wide range of choices, from museums to parks. All the best as you plan to visit Olympia.