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Dr. Vince has been a chiropractor in the South Puget Sound since 2003. He graduated from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 2002. He was born in Vancouver, Canada and now lives in Shelton, WA with his wife and six children.

Dr. Vince proudly serves the communities of Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, and Tacoma areas. For years he has seen the benefits of chiropractic in the health of his patients and regularly adjusts his own family.

Dr. Vince has spoken for many businesses and organizations in the area and has served on the board of the Salvation Army in Olympia, WA. In addition, he has been a volunteer, providing chiropractic care to Olympia’s homeless community at the downtown shelter. He is dedicated to serving others by improving health through chiropractic.

In his free time, Dr. Vince enjoys the outdoors, swimming, biking and aviation.

A Message From The Doctor

Hi, I’m Vince, and I want to be YOUR Chiropractor! I make getting regular adjustments easy and very affordable for the average family. I believe that chiropractic care belongs to everyone. For years I have provided adjustments in my community but have been frustrated with the delivery system and that more people can’t get regular adjustments.

The REAL health benefits of chiropractic are seen with frequent adjustments over time, and I have witnessed these benefits both as a patient and a provider. Unfortunately, most people don’t experience the benefits of regular chiropractic care because insurance doesn’t pay for chiropractic, it pays for manipulative medicine. This is NOT what I do in my office.

Monthly Program

I am now offering regular chiropractic care to everyone who has ever desired it, but until now, could not afford it. I make getting adjusted simple and affordable and I promise to take care of you like my own family. At my office, you can receive up to 12 adjustments per month for as little as $49 per person per month on a family plan. This price is unheard of in most chiropractic offices. Call or come visit so we can discuss my other flexible pricing options for individuals, couples and families.

Call or Email TODAY!

If you’re fed up with being sick and tired, being told you have to live with it, or that it’s all in your head, contact us today! I can help you. My office is both friendly and warm and I try my best to make you feel at home!


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